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Shraddha Adhikari

Miss Shraddha Adhikari
Program Coordinator, Management
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Miss Shraddha Adhikari holds an MBA degree in Marketing from Ace Institute of Management. She has more than four years of working experience in different fields, including the Hospitality Industry and Multi-National Company. She has extensive knowledge in Brand Management, Service Marketing, Advertising & Promotion, and Consumer Behavior. She is also a faculty member at Boston International College, AIMS CA, and Valley State College. She worked as a Lecturer at Presidency College of Management Sciences and as an Area General Manager at OYO Nepal.
She adamantly believes that the combination of experience, academic achievements, training, and diligent work ethic makes an individual qualified candidate. She is an aspiring academician whose unwavering dedication, radical pedagogies, and eye for detail result in utmost proficiency in anything she takes up. Her passion can be seen through her prowess ranging from teaching to students’ welfare and administration. Miss Shraddha Adhikari mentions, “The Management Program in Ankuram has been designed to equip students with business and management skills and imbibe an in-depth understanding of the business fundamentals. This will enable our students to gain empirical and technical knowledge.”

Message From Management Coordinator

Ankuram Academy enhances the overall development of a student that encompasses not only the Intelligence Quotient of the student but also the emotional, social, and diversity of the students. Choosing Ankuram Academy means embarking on a track for a better future. The students are exposed to real life scenarios of different fields. With the guidance of various experts, the students are able to seek answers of their queries. Ankuram aims at making the better future of the students through real life knowledge. The chemistry between the faculty members and the students perfectly matches here. Besides, Ankuram Academy provides the best extracurricular activities that allow students to learn with fun. The world-class students-centric learning approach, hybrid classrooms, state of art facility prepare them for their prosperous careers. We promote the organic growth of the students with the development of a skill set that evolves with time for them to carry towards their future goals. Join us and be a part of a transforming journey.

Scope of Management in Ankuram

Ankuram Academy believes in focusing on the holistic education which includes the social, emotional, spiritual, intellectual, and diversity of the student. Every student has his or her interests and that can be chosen as a career. Management education helps students to pursue vast majority of fields that range from ICT degrees, management degrees, professional certification courses, fine art degrees, degrees in humanity. Let’s frame them in broadly three categories: Today’s job market truly expands into multiple dimensions:

Professional Certification courses

  • CA- Chartered Accountant
  • CPA- Certified Professional Accountant, Certified Public Accountant
  • ACCA- A Chartered Institute of Management Accounting (CIMA)
  • Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA)
  • Certified Financial Planner (CFP)
  • Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA)
  • Certified Public Accountants (CPA)
  • Financial Risk Management (FRM)
  • Airhostess Training

Management Degrees; Humanities Degrees

  • BBS- Bachelor in Business Studies
  •  BBA- Bachelor in Business Administration
  • BFM- Bachelor in Financial Management
  • BPA- Bachelor in Public Administration
  • BA – Bachelor of Arts in Economics, Education, Fine Arts 

Degrees with IT; hybrid of IT & Management

BIT- Bachelor in Information Technology

  • BIM- Bachelor in Information Management
  • BCA- Bachelor in Computer Application
  • BCIS- Bachelor in Computer Information System
  • Bachelor in Business Analytics

 How we prepare our students for the Career they desire?

We focus upon the following methods:

    1. Student centric learning approach- We take the student as the center of attraction. Our focus is on helping every student reach their potential through equilateral triangle relation between the students, our faculties and the guardians.
    2. Career Pathway – Counseling to individual student as well as the group via our trained faculties, guest lecturers, experts in the fields.
    3. Our Teaching Methodology- We prepare students aligning with International Universities practices, criteria and practices.  Our hybrid classroom, state of art teaching facility structure, digital integration of teaching, etc. will be very helpful for the students to transform them from a student to their career track. The soft skills development program within the School is in itself a unique method to embrace the evolution of each student’s potential.

 Our 4 Pillars

Intelligent Quotient Emotional Quotient Social Quotient Adversity Quotient
Tests, MCQ Tests, Assignments, Project Works, Exams, Guest Lectures, Workshops, Bootcamps, Field Trip Emotional Intelligence Sessions, Self-Talk Sessions with focal teacher, Mindfulness, Meditation sessions, Coaching Discussion session, Meets and reviews with the students, Social Programs, Corporate Social Responsibility session, Club Activities Sports, various  Competitions, ECA/CCA 


Teaching Methodology

As per the demand of the 21st century, Ankuram Academy adopts a “student-centred approach to teaching” using advanced tools and techniques.


Lab Work

Mind Mapping

Field Visit

Interactive Classroom


Project Work

Continious Assessment