+ 2

The 10 + 2 program of Ankuram is affiliated to National Education Board (NEB). This program is worldwide equivalent to 12 years of high school and intermediate level studies. The major strength of our +2 program is students, centered faculty. The teaching staff consists of most experienced professors, textbook authors, and many other renowned lecturers of the nation with an intense intellectual commitment. Comfortable size classes invite you to take an active role in the interactive education process. Ankuram believes that every student has unlimited potential. The +2 Program at Ankuram is not merely for certification in the hands of students but for laying a strong foundation for knowledge and the power of reasoning. This can enable them to successfully compete with their rivals in the academic arena and emerge as the professional achievers and winners.

Science (Grade XI and Grade XII)

The primary goal of it is to provide advanced and pragmatic in-depth knowledge of science to produce high caliber, science scholars. It aims to create a foundation for future doctors, engineers, agriculturists, forest officials, and scientists.
Management (Grade XI and Grade XII)

It is a course that provides basic knowledge about the facts & principles of the management, accounting and business. It creates the base for students to pursue their career in management field with managerial responsibilities in all kinds of organizations by empowering them with essential skills to adapt to any situation. Management learning is a continuous, life long process.

Eligibility for Enrollment

  • Admission to Plus Two at Ankuram Academy is purely merit
  • Candidates who have secured GPA ‘B+’ and above only are
    preferred for selection in Science, and for management,
    candidates securing GPA ‘C+’ and above are preferred.
  • Entrance Examination consisting of 100 MCQ’s will test your
    competence in Science, Mathematics, English and General
    Knowledge for Science Stream, and Mathematics, English and
    General Knowledge for Management Stream.
  • The shortlisted students & their parents are called for an
    interview before they are finally selected for admission at
    Ankuram Academy.

Admissions Process

Admissions & Enrolments at Ankuram on the ground of
religion, race, gender or zonal boundaries are strictly
prohibited, and are considered against the law.
The availability of seats is limited. The application process

Step: 1 Choosing the desired subject combination
Step: 2 Submitting the application form
Step: 3 Taking the entrance exam
Step: 4 Facing the interview panel
Step: 5 Receiving the letter for admission
Step: 6 Proceeding with enrollment.

Teaching Methodology