+2 Management

Program Coordinator- Management
Mr. Aakash Kumar Pandey

Mr. Pandey, holds an MBA in Finance. He has more than 7
years’ experience of working in leading banks of Nepal. He
has received extensive training and experience in Value
Chain Management, Credit Analysis and Business Solutions.
He is also a faculty member of BBA in Boston International
College. He firmly believes that management education
transforms the lives of students. It empowers the students
to withstand and evolve through the struggles and changes
in the dynamic environment we live in. He is an aspiring
academician, and has great aptitude for being a counselor,
consultant and a researcher.
Mr. Pandey maintains, “Management Program in Ankuram
has been customized for everyone who wants to pursue a
career as an entrepreneur or a competent administrator.
The innovative & personal development centered learning
in this college will contribute to the radiant future of the