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School Resident Director

Naim Chaudhari

School Resident Director
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When you step onto a school campus, what do you want to see, hear and feel? Imagine a school that ignites the senses and the natural curiosity of children; a place where innovation, creativity and learning flourish; it’s Ankuram Academy!

As you enter the gates the learning begins. Seeing children engaged in activities, hearing deep discussions, lost in playing music or composing songs, enjoying the cultural dances, laughing and jumping and fearlessly trying to beat the opponents in the futsal, sharing their newly composed poems or stories or new creations with a community of learners is normal experience here. Every staff and student at Ankuram is a learner who gets new opportunities to learn and grow every day. It is a world of learning in itself. It is committed to providing holistic education applying international best practices and using a variety of learning strategies, in a loving, caring and homely environment.

As the Director of this esteemed institution, I take immense pride in leading our team of passionate educators coming from different parts of the world and dedicated staff who provide pastoral care to our students. We all are committed to igniting lifelong love for learning, fostering creativity and develop essential life skills that will flourish our students intellectually, emotionally and socially and empower them to channelize their potential in the pursuit of excellence and thrive in an ever-evolving world.

The students, teachers, staff and parents are all a part of our Learning Community. We strive to learn together. Come and join us and together play a role in your child’s learning journey and shape his/her future! The school is open to everyone to come and experience.