Our Philosophy

Uniqueness of Child
Every child is a loving and unique son/daughter of God and has personal experience of the world. Hence, each child should be encouraged to find his/her place in the world. For this, education should be interactive and experiential. The practical application of classroom knowledge is a key part of education.
Education Par Excellence
Rigorous scholastic programs that strive students to bring their potential and achieve the highest level of academic excellence.

Global Citizenship
Encourage students to be patriotic citizens of the country and at the time inspired to serve the whole of humanity. Prepare them to be men and women for the whole world.

Peace and Justice
Each child is encouraged to be an ambassador of peace and a champion of justice and strives for making this world more humane and just.
Finding God in All Things
Every child should be encouraged to seek perfection and godliness in whatever they do. This is the foundation of character formation.