Vision and Mission

Our values and attributes

Our values and attributes, which align with our guiding statements, are
integral to creating a school culture and climate to realize our
educational goals.
S Sincerity in all aspects of schooling.
T Tolerance towards all persons in-spite of differences.
A Accountability for one’s own actions and inactions.
R Respect the dignity of all individuals.
S Straight-forward in thought, word and action.


At Little Stars, we know the vital aspect of conveying an educational experience that is holistic. We are a school that celebrates the culture of excellence and proper values. We give our students the Freedom to think. It aims to produce successful, responsible, creative, global citizens striving for excellence and committed to nature and progress
of society.


The School’s mission is to provide a learning environment that encourages children to bring out the best in themselves and enables their all-round development through the joy of learning. We strive to ensure that every child in our care is empowered to make choices and
encouraged to contribute to our community.