June 24, 2021

Abiral Dhital

It is always easier to choose between right and wrong decision but the problem arises when you have to choose between the best. I do faced the same problem during my journey to choose the best school after SEE and I believe this happens to everyone. I am glad that my journey ended at the gates of Ankuram Academy. Today after a year in Ankuram I am very proud at that decision of mine at gates of Ankuram. With a very well equipped facilities, quality and systematic education system along with well experienced teachers, hardworking administration and caring staffs and colleagues I am stepping forward towards my dreams and goals each day. I am very proud being part of Ankuram family and I assure that none like me will regret enrolling at Ankuram Academy. With my experience I am glad to say that Ankuram is the best of all and I am not exaggerating it.