Profile | Level Head- Grade 1-5

Level Head 1-5

Ms. Suman Sherpa Lama
Level Head
📧 [email protected]
📞 +977-9801567411

  • Masters in Chemistry (M.Sc.), Sikkim Manipal Institute of Technology, Majhitar, Sikkim Manipal University.
  • CTET (Central Teachers Eligibility Test), India qualified.
  • Bachelors in chemistry, Sikkim Government College, Sikkim University.
  • Bachelors in Education (B.Ed.), West Bengal University of Teachers Training Education Planning and Administration.

I’m delighted to be your guide through the dynamic world of Grades 1-5 as the Level Head and I’m excited to share the essence of our educational journey. At Ankuram Academy, we embrace a holistic approach to education, transforming the learning experience into a delightful adventure. In Grades 1-5, we lay the foundation for a lifetime of learning by seamlessly blending academic excellence with the nurturing of creativity and character development in our engaging classrooms. Our dedicated teachers foster a supportive atmosphere, ensuring each student feels valued and empowered. The classrooms buzz with engaging lessons, hands-on activities and collaborative projects, creating an environment where young minds bloom. We encourage active involvement from parents, guardians, and students, fostering a sense of community that enhances the Ankuram experience. Let’s make these early years memorable and meaningful! Welcome to Ankuram Academy, where the future begins with a bright smile and a heart full of possibilities!

Grade 1 to 5

“The Lower School classrooms are vibrant and loving places of learning. We believe that students learn best when they are empowered and feel ownership in their classrooms.”

Your child’s story continues in our Lower School, that part of the school is home to Primary (Grade 1 to 5). Lower School is a time filled with the excitement of having new teachers, studying new subject areas, going off-campus for field trips, performing in student assemblies, experimenting with various educational technologies, exploring nature and making new friends. The Lower School classrooms are vibrant and loving places of learning. Students care about what they learn, they have a voice in their classrooms, posing questions of interest to them and bringing their individual strengths to the process. Through inquiry and exploration, the program engages students in their learning while continuing to build their fundamental skills in all subject areas. We believe that students learn the best when they’re empowered and feel ownership in their classrooms. This translates into a joy of and a passion for learning that explains why students of Ankuram Academy love coming to school.

Lower School Highlights

  • In the Lower Elementary (Grade 1 to 5) your child will gain from learning in multi-age classrooms where the younger children benefit from having role models and the older children benefit from having opportunities to model behavior and develop empathy.
  • Two fully-trained teachers per classroom with no more than 25 students means more differentiation in the teaching and learning, more support for the students, more collaboration between teachers and double the perspective.
  • A diverse classroom per subjects across the school year means expanded opportunities for inquiry, critical thinking, and transdisciplinary learning as students make real and relevant connections across various subject areas.
  • Exposure to music, art, swimming, Karate, Futsal and theatre provide opportunities for transdisciplinary learning while also preparing students for the transition to upper school.
  • Our curriculum is concept-driven, which allows learning to be transferable to new situations – not locked in time and place.
  • Our use of various educational technologies in the classroom enhances teaching and learning.
  • Through assessments at the beginning, middle and end of units, students are empowered to take the lead in their learning.
  • Student-led Parent-Teacher conferences provide your child with an opportunity to show how they know themselves as a learner as they take you through their successes and challenges.
  • Digital portfolios are another example of how we teach students to take ownership of their learning as they document examples of their work throughout the school year using Google Classroom
  • Your child’s experience in the Lower School will culminate in the Ankuram Exhibition, a collaborative project that allows students to take action on topics that they are passionate about.

Assessment at Ankuram Academy

Assessment is an integral part of teaching and learning at Ankuram Academy. The word assessment stems from the Latin word “assidere” which means “to sit beside.” We view assessment as an opportunity “to sit beside” your child to help them understand where they are at in their progression of learning.

The use of rubrics is one way we help students assess themselves as learners. Rubrics are also used to guide teachers in their planning for learning engagements in addition to formal assessments. Students are provided with rubrics at the beginning of each unit so they know what they’re working towards and what “good” should look like. With this knowledge and understanding, they’re empowered to achieve their goals.