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Admission Criteria Plus 2

Eligibility Criteria

  • Admission to Plus Two at Ankuram Academy is purely merit-based.
  • Candidates who have secured GPA ‘B+’ and above only are preferred for selection in Science, and for management, candidates securing GPA ‘C+’ and above are preferred.
  • Entrance Examination consisting of 100 MCQs will test your competence in Science, Mathematics, English and General Knowledge for Science Stream, and Mathematics, English and General Knowledge for Management Stream.
  • The shortlisted students & their parents are called for an interview before they are finally selected for admission at Ankuram Academy.

Admission Process

Admissions & Enrolments at Ankuram on religion, race, gender or zonal boundaries are strictly prohibited and are considered against the law. The availability of seats is limited. The application process includes:

  • Choosing the desired subject combination
  • Submitting the application form
  • Taking the entrance exam
  • Facing the interview panel
  • Receiving the letter for admission
  • Proceeding with enrollment.

Subject Selection Process

  • English, Nepali, and Social Studies are compulsory subjects in grade 11.
  • While selecting the optional subjects in grades 11 and 12, students should choose one subject, each from three groups among the four groups specified by NEB. Besides, they may choose one more optional subject from the unchosen group if they wish. Schools offer more optional subjects based on the students’ desire and their potentials.
  • Those who choose to study Physics, Chemistry, and Biology both in grades 11 and 12 may study Mathematics as an optional subject if they wish to do so.

3 Golden Rule of Subject Choice

It is time for some serious decisions. Subject selection is an important part of managing your educational future. Students need to consider their aptitudes and abilities and use that as a basis for selecting the subjects to which they are best suited.


Identify the skills or activities that you are uniquely good at.


The things you love doing. These activities make you happy and give you the pleasure most.


Identify areas of economic growth or opportunity that you might be interested in.